Thursday, March 17, 2011

50 Reasons to hate Killzone 3 Multiplayer !

Hey everyone !
After killing over 300k players in Killzone 2 and playing it since it came out ,its just sad to say Killzone 3 is a big disappointment to all the hardcore players .

In the first beta ,people said its just a beta and i need to wait , then in the seond  beta they said wait the full version !

Well ,the full version came out and nothing has changed because it the full version will come out after a few days of the second beta .

They didn't make changes in a month (between the first and second beta releases ) How is it possible to make changes in just a week of the full game release ?

People keep asking me why i didn't buy KZ3 and why i hate it ! Even though i tried the full version of the game and it's still the same (they only fixed some of the glitches and the bugs via the updates)

The time has finally come to see the truth about KZ3 and why KZ2's fans hate it !

First of all , i would like to talk about what the people has said about KZ2 & KZ3 !

  • The casual players said : KZ3 controls are fixed now !
  • The hardcore players said : Why they didnt make an update for KZ2 to fix the controls if they were broken ?
  • The casual players said : KZ3 got bad reviews because Microsoft has paid money to these websites ! COD & Halo got better reviews than KZ3 ,man that's shit !
  • The hardcore players said : Can you explain to me why KZ2 got better reviews than KZ3 ? Why uncharted 2 (PS3 exclusive) got GOTY 09 in all the websites ? Why Microsoft didnt paid some money to these websites at that time ? 

  • The casual players said : Oh ,why the PS3 version of Black ops gets so many errors ? I bet Microsoft gave them some money !
  • The hardcore players said : Ok ,what about the PS3 exclusive KZ3 ? it gets so many errors just like COD (im talking about the full game not the Beta lol)

  • The casual players said : KZ2 vets are afraid of the new controls .
  • The hardcore players said : Well , if someone owned you in the hardest controls , do you think you'll own him in the easiest one ? ( Not to mention that KZ3 leaderboards are full of KZ2 vets and you can see that in their profiles ) 

  • Guerilla Games said before they sell KZ3 : "KZ3 uses 100% of the CPU"
  • Guerilla Games said after they sold it : " KZ3 doesnt use 100% of the CPU and we found a hidden power in PS3 "

  • Guerilla Games said before they sell KZ3 : "KZ3 has 42 GB"
  • And after they sold it ,we found out that KZ3 without the 3D takes 21 GB (the half) ,so if God Of War 3 support the 3D it'll take 80 GB (without the 3D it takes 40 GB).
    What im trying to say is that some people dont use their minds , all they say is " I CANT WAIT , 1ST DAY , GOTY , Wow the graphics look amazing , OMG 3D support , preorded it ,100% of the PS3 POWER )

    Whats so funny is they think they are hardcores .

    Enough said and let me talk about the 50 reasons that made me hate KZ3 multiplayers.
    • 1-They've changed the control and made it so easy to attract a new audince called "The causual players" because they were crying in KZ2 , if the control in Killzone 2 had a problem then i guess they would make a new update to fix it .
    • 2-The Tactician ability ( Spot & Mark ) is overpower,its about watching everyone who's behind the walls and getting ready for them,COD's fanboys call it "Wallhack" .This ability is available in KZ2 for the scout but the you only can watch the enemies in the open areas not behind the walls.
    • 3- They added the matchmaking's system in order to look like the rest FPS's games (KZ2 has serverlist ).
    • 4-The maps are bigger and they also reduced the numbers of players from 32 to 24 in order to look like Battlefield : Badcompany 2.
    • 5- Only 24 players for the Warzone and other modes have 16 players.
    • 6-Theres a new system called "Unlocks" and it makes everyone start ranking up with the most overpower class.
    • 7-The weapons are overpower and you can easily kill someone from a very long distance.
    • 8-Everyone is aiming down the sights from 2 meter distance , which is something in Killzone 2 was used only to hit someone from afar.(because the recoil looks like COD)
    • 9-The classes aren't balance.
    • 10-The killstreaks make everyone camping in order to get overpower bullets too excellent accuracy , too faster reloads and all these new features look like the arcade FPS game "COD".
    • 11-The XP is poping up in the middle of the screen like COD .
    • 12.You'll see a message in the screen telling you to prees the square button when you have no more ammo ,it looks like COD and please don't tell me this feature for the hardcores gamers !
    • 13-They've changed the spawn grenades with a new one called Tactical Spawn Point ,there are 3 of them and they r on the same place and the campers love them.
    • 14-The new XP system is now in the hundred class in order to look like COD and the rest arcade FPS games .
    • 15-The new squad system looks like the one in BFBC2 (PSN messages).
    • 16-You cant see all the squads groups during the game and you also cant join anyone of them and of course , you can do it in Killzone 2 (100% of the CPU baby !)
    • 17-The bots are overpower , you can sit down behind them , drinking a cup of coffee and watching them shooting rockets to everyone .
    • 18-They deleted two classes from KZ2 ,didnt add any new class and changed the names of two classes and kept the names of the other three classes to make us feel they added new classes to the old one.
    • 19-They added the aim assist in order to look like COD and the rest arcades games.
    • 20-The most maps look sunny because the girls were crying about the dark maps in KZ2.
    • 21-You cant spawn in any member of the squad.
    • 22-The sniper looks so easy to use because the sixaxis doesnt effect it , you also can quick scope everyone and your aim has a crosshair ! Just like COD.
    • 23-The new clan system is a joke ;you cant setup any clan match against any clan (only with random clans) ! You also get invites via the PSN messages .
    • 24-The LMG has too many bullets and its overpower too and thats without using that funny skill "Extra ammo".
    • 25-The multiplayers trophies are a joke ! Join a squad and get a trophy , get one kill by using an exo ,a jetpack , a melee and lets dont forget the gold trophy (Grand slam) ! Win a match in all the three multiplayers modes and get a GOLD trophy ,thats too easy !
    • 26- The graphics look cartoonish ,the menu looks so annoying (especially that red colour ) and i wonder why they changed the weapons sound and they kept their names ! Its the same when they changed the names of 2 classes !
    • 27-In the first beta ,there was feature called "Silent footsteps" and it was fot the killstreak but now in the second beta its a skill ! What a great feature and a smart feedback .I remember when they said they can make 6 Killzone games with all these feedbacks ,man ! im not worry now LOL.
    • 28-IMO ,you can get all the ranks in only 10 days but it takes 30 days in Killzone 2.
    • 29-You can now revive your teammates by pressing one button but in Killzone 2 you can hold the reviving tool and having all the freedom ,just like a real medic.
    • 30-The new melee is a joke ,it doesnt take skills ! You kill someone with one hit but it takes 2 hits in Killzone 2 and you can fight back .Also ,i want to know how could someone melee you from 5 meters ? I even saw this in the official videos of Killzone3.
    • 31-The shotgun has a long range and the armor cant protected you ,just like the arcade game COD.
    • 32-The jetpacks and the Exo are overpowered and you can attack enemies across great distances with unlimited ammo of rockets and machine gun ,also they all look like BFBC.
    • 33-Why the marksman has an assualt rifle ? Wow ,thats realistic ! (100% of the CPU)
    • 34-The marksman kills the enemies and he still invisible and thats overpowered  but in KZ2 he'll not still invisible after killing someone ,either you kill him in one shot or don't mess around !
    • 35-In KZ2,everyone starts to rank up by using the same weapon but now in KZ3 its a mess between the overpower weapons .
    • 36-They added a new feature called "Skill" and its about "Extra ammo ,extra armor ,extra health ,extra noobs and lets dont forget the silent footsteps ! All these "Jokes" look like COD.
    • 37- The engineer has overpower LMGs (Too many bullets and a few shots kills ) and thats give him a reason not to fix the ammo box !
    • 38-The rocket is now a seccondary weapon (equal to the pistols) ! Umm ,that looks realistic (100% of the CPU).
    • 39-The seccondary weapons like the pistols are now limited to some classes but in KZ2 they were for all the classes.
    • 40-The Medic looks selfish because he doesnt have the medpacks to help his teammates but now he got a new kind of bots to protect his selfish soul and he can revive his self too !
    • 41-You cant see the Medic when your dying and waiting for him to revive you ! And that made him more selfish.
    • 42-Theres no squad informations on the top of the screen like KZ2 ,you cant see what classes your friends are playing .
    • 43-Playstation Move users VS Dualshock users ,umm !
    • 44-You can pick up the propaganda speaker in S&R by running over it ,just like the arcade games .
    • 45-You cant switch teams to help the other team when some players have left that team , and you can do it in KZ2 ! (100& of the CPU)
    • 46-When someone is getting shot or dying you hear him screaming like a little girl ! Ohhhh aaaaaaahhhh waaaahhh .And dont worry because theres no girl in KZ2 ,only the men who rule the game.
    • 47-You cant throw a grenade while your running but you can do it in Killzone 2 (100% of the CPU)
    • 48-The Tactcian can see all the objects with hints and directions ,man ! Please dont tell me thats for the hardcore players ?
    • 49-Everyone feels PRO in his first match ,while being a pro will take months in Killzone 2 .
    • 50-Theres a new mode called Guerrilla Warfare ! Umm ,i remember reading that word "WARFARE" in somewhere , please can you remember me ? Also the dev call this mode "Team Death Match" so they didnt copy the name only !
    With all these changes and all these commercials for Killzone 3 , the game only sold 500k units in the first week , and Killzone 2 sold 750k units in the first 3 days ! 

    What does that mean for you ?

    I laugh at those people who keep saying " I play for fun and it just a game" and when you look at their trophies you see another story ! When they get pwned they scream out ! 

    And if you still think Killzone 3 is a game for the hardcore players then you should see this picture lol

    Sorry for my english , its not my first language ! 

    Peace ;)

    PS: I had an interview of the first beta and you can read it here 

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    Clayton said...

    I agree dude

    Bigevilworldwide said...

    Aside from what you mentioned I thing they should actually change the name from Killzone to Kampzone since that's all most people do camp in a corner usually with a shotgun with the mine 5 ft away either cloaked and invisible or disguised as your own team and they hide when those wear off till they can use them again. then rinse and repeat the whole match, God I wish they would go back to COD

    travis said...

    I hate what GG did to KZ3

    Naruto_gta2 said...

    no body paid you to say that the game is bad!? so there is people out there who agree that killzone 3 multilayer sucks!? when i bought killzone 2 i didn't know what to expect..but i was blown away! i only touched the campaign 2 today's before killzone 3 released date. when i bought killzone 3 my penise was so exicted that am going to play a good multilayer game but.. they turned kidzone..

    ABDUALRAHEEM said...

    I agree

    Thanks RayeD_X , Good luck

    Anonymous said...

    This failed on so many levels, I almost want to cry for you. Why not get your facts straight and make legitimate points before blogging about a game?

    HALVAM said...

    Amen to that

    zutonA said...

    About the platinum trophy well I take more days for get the Little Big Planet Platinum LOL

    owuorr07 said...

    i am with you bro. and i will never forget the day i played with you

    can you remember a user called changez08?
    i was a mechanic with a shotgun playing helghan and i kept stopping your kill streaks

    anyway, i have tried kz3 and you are right about it. such a shame

    Peter said...

    RayeD_X... ...100% on your side. I tried to love KZ3 but can only play for an hour or so before I get very frustrated and angry. The game is not as relaxing as KZ2 - hehe, how can a FPS be relaxing, well only those of us who have played those epic multihour long games or even many of them in a row, know:)

    I'm an older player and for me i.e. Pyrrhus is a place where I can soothe my nerves!


    In KZ3 I shoot my nerves...

    Hope to play with u more often...

    owuorr07 said...

    like peter said, i also LOVED those games with everything on 30 minutes not 5 mins like cod

    murshed20 said...

    damn u

    Jorge said...

    So right, I'm a killzone 2 vet, played it everyday since it came out. You were right about how it takes months to become a top player. How challenging it was to get a complete understanding of the gun movement and shooting style. I love how you get into 1 on 1 battles on the battlefield. Love how it takes some time to come out on top. It took time to kill the enemy but in killzone 3 the kids always end up behind you and one hit your dead. I been playing kz3 for a few weeks and I been trying to like it because I keep telling myself that I'm just struggling to be number one in every game like I was in kz2 because that's how its suppose to be. Just like in kz2, challenging. But even though I try to support gg because I'm such a big killzone fan, I just can't deny it. Kz3 sucks. The maps are just to camper friendly, some are good for the ones who love to go around just hunting for one hits. Squads are pointless. Clans are pointless. Gun system all messed up. Spawn system is so stupid, in the beginning of the game one player from opposing team ends up on enemies side.(free kill?) To few maps, non that really stands out as fun. I loved killzone for the lack of scooping needed to make a kill, killzone 3 you need to scope. Hard to win because everyone's a marksman sniping. Hard to win when your the losing team and your team is trying to sniper back. Ugh!! I'm so disappointed, I thought killzone 3 was going to be my favorite game until four came out, but killzone 2 is what ill stay playing. I'm going to trade kz3 tomorrow, I hope killzone 4 is more like kz 1 and 2. So just keep playing kz2 guys, this Is where talent is, noobs are noobs in kz2, vets are vets in kz2. we are not all equal, you can tell who has been playing longer by not just a badge.... oh and, I know remember you raye, I owned you. Your ok. Not better then me though. Lol!! JJ_Madic, killzone 2 beast!!!

    Cristovao said...

    I had found Kz2 difficult, and still find it diffucult, specially after a long period without playing (same as Demon's Soul)... That's what I love about the game, it offers some lasting chalenge and an unmached depht of immersion. I had never felt the gravity nor the crude precision/ realism of movement (running, jumping, firing, etc.). They even had to remove the motion sensistiveness from the aiming sniper...
    Well, the first time a game had touched real beauty and its all gone. Either they don't care about they're creation anymore or they lost some sensitive key developers in they're team. Either way its a tragic loss, considering we were waiting for more beauty...

    FPS Domination said...

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    rozina islam vabna said...

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    Left for Dead said...

    I have over 20203280 XP as Commander in chief with 11145:5101 hours logged. Kill ratio 147. Shame on all of you weak ass clans playing like cowards in a video game.

    Love the way you play strictly as clans in multi player against non grouped opponents whom are not even in communication with each other during multi player game play rather than playing against similiar clans with even odds.

    Love the way you send out massive game invites to outnumber your opponents as well. Simply pathetic. If you need a couple people to hold your hand in a video game to earn XP. Your already a pathetic loser!

    Post a Comment